Breaking the Man Code:

The key to unlocking his heart

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Many women dream of finding the perfect man and living happily ever after -the hard part is making those dreams a reality. Are you currently in a dating rut? Have you been wondering lately, "what am I doing wrong" or "why did he disappear when everything was going so well." Maybe you've begun to question all together if there's really someone out there just for you

Dating coach, motivational speaker and Author of the book, "The Dating Game: How To Find Yourself While Looking For Mr. Right" Shawnda Patterson uses letters written to her from her viewers, humor and practical tips to guide you in avoiding the pitfalls of wasting your best years on the wrong man. Breaking the Man Code: The Key To Unlocking His Heart will help you decipher, decode and dismiss if necessary men with commitment issues. In these pages you'll discover:

If you are truly ready for a lasting relationship with a quality man that is worthy of all you have to offer, this book is for you.

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Breaking the Man Code
The key to unlocking his heart

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The Dating Game
How to find yourself while looking for Mr. Right

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